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A cookie (or connection witness) is a text file that may be recorded, subject to your choices, in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your terminal (computer, tablet, etc.) when consulting a online service using your navigation software.

It is transmitted by a website’s server to your browser. Each cookie is assigned an anonymous identifier. The cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is recorded during the validity or recording period of the cookie concerned. A cookie cannot be traced back to a natural person.

When you visit this site, we may install, subject to your choice, different cookies and in particular advertising cookies.

What types of cookies are placed by the website?


Third-party advertising services such as Adsense (and its partners) control cookies from their advertising spaces. To learn more about Google's targeted ads, click the following link: privacy policy

This website is not responsible for the management and lifespan of these third-party cookies and invites you to read the policy of each of these providers.

Their aim is to send you personalized advertisements adapted to your expectations. No personal data such as your last name, first name, postal or email address, etc. will not be transmitted to these third party partners whose intervention on the website is limited to the deposit of cookies through the advertising content that they manage.

This website has no control over these cookies.


These cookies make it possible to establish site traffic statistics and detect navigation problems in order to monitor and improve the quality of our services.

Make your choices depending on the browser you use

You can configure your browser at any time to express and modify your wishes regarding cookies and in particular regarding statistical cookies. You can express your choices by configuring your browser to refuse certain cookies.

If you refuse our cookies and those of our partners, your visit to the site will no longer be counted in Google Analytics and you will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of features which are nevertheless necessary to navigate some of our pages.

We inform you that you can, however, object to the recording of cookies by following the procedure available below:

On Internet Explorer

Go to Tools > Internet Options
Click on the privacy tab.
Click on the advanced button, check the box “Ignore automatic cookie management”.

On Firefox

At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), then select Options.
Select the Privacy panel.
Settings and Retention Rules: Use custom settings for history.
Uncheck Accept cookies.

On Chrome

Click the wrench icon located in the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Click Show advanced settings.
In the “Privacy” section, click the Content Settings button.
In the “Cookies” section, you can block cookies and data from third-party sites.

On Safari

Go to Settings > Preferences
Click on the Privacy tab
In the “Block cookies” area, check the “always” box

On Opera

Go to Settings > Preferences
Click on the advanced tab
In the “Cookies” area, check the box “Never accept cookies”
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