Our commitments

A responsible vision

Since the creation of its first wastewater treatment plant in 1985, Raynaud Jeune has remained at the forefront of environmental preservation

A responsible vision

Our exclusively vegetable tanning is free of heavy metals.
The finishes are now solvent free.

Our suppliers of vegetable tanning extracts are all PEFC certified, and guarantee sustainable exploitation of the forest. They do not contribute to deforestation.
95% of our waste are recycled and recovered into compost, fertilizer, or recycled leather (bonded leather).

The skins used by Raynaud Jeune come only from animals raised for meat and milk.

Raynaud Jeune thus contributes to the recovery of waste and is therefore a major player in a circular economy.


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Raynaud Jeune holds alone for Europe the Reach registration of the key product for the production of the Fauve Leather. In this sense, Raynaud Jeune is the only one that can sincerely guarantee, for this product, a real compliance with the Reach standard.

All chemicals used correspond to the highest environmental and health standards; ZDHC/MRSL, European Biocide Directive, Reach….

Thanks to its commitment, Raynaud Jeune positions itself as a true partner to enable its customers to respond favorably to consumer expectations in terms of environmental preservation,sustainability  and safety.

The products developed on our site have been LWG (Leather Working Group) certified since 2021, proudly achieving the silver rating  in 2023.

Compliance with all standards remains our priority

Traceability, inocuity and sustainability are the keywords of our operation

Compliance with all standards remains our priority