Raynaud Jeune, a unique know-how in vegetable tanning

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Company Raynaud Jeune was founded by Elisée Raynaud in 1928 in Mazamet.

At this time Mazamet was the world’s the major place for fellmongering sheepskins from all over the world.

Millions of bales arrived every year in Mazamet where they were dewooled, using the famous and unique “sweating  process”,  leaving  the skins in a humid atmosphere allowing a controlled fermentation that would open the hair bulb , then releasing the wool.

Skins issued from this industry were then sold to the local  tanners making leather with vegetable extracts for leathergoods or shoe lining.

Know How / Products

Combinations beetween vegetable extracts and new and modern techniques allow us to obtain very soft leathers with a large variety of colours, touches, and aspects.

The full aniline, traditionnally handglazed items will show the leather at its best with its beautiful  deepness.

Raynaud Jeune plays a leading role in the production of vegetable tanned lamb skins known as “basane” for various purposes, upholstery, leathergoods, shoe or bag linings, decoration and orthopedics.

Raynaud Jeune is also a major supplier of the vegetable tanned “Fauve” Leather for the production of insoles
Its range of vegetable tanned lining for bags, belts or shoes is also getting more and more cherished by all customers.


Raynaud Jeune is strengthening its position in this endeavour towards a sustainable development, and is also satisfying its customers demand as well as the final market pressure for always cleaner and more responsible natural products.

Tracability, quality and inocuity and sustainability  are the key words of our development.


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