A soon 100 years old company


Company Raynaud Jeune was founded by Elisée Raynaud in 1928 in Mazamet.

At this time Mazamet was the world’s the major place for fellmongering sheepskins from all over the world.

Millions of bales arrived every year in Mazamet where they were dewooled, using the famous and unique “sweating  process”,  leaving  the skins in a humid atmosphere allowing a controlled fermentation that would open the hair bulb , then releasing the wool.

Skins issued from this industry were then sold to the local  tanners making leather with vegetable extracts for leathergoods or shoe lining.

A family-run business

François Raynaud succeeds to his father in 1948, and  is dewooling lamb skins from Australia in a fellmongery plant called Usine de Longchamp, which was built in 1890 in Lacabarède.

François Raynaud  takes overs Usine de Longchamp in 1973.

The tannery is step by step added to the fellmongery beetween 1980 and 1985, producing pickled pelts, then vegetable  tanned leather “ basane”, and finally finished leather  for garments, lining, insoles  or leathergoods.

Today the company is run by Olivier Raynaud, who joined it in 1988.

The development

In the 80’s sales are expanding towards Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, and 10 years later production is concentrated on manufacturing of leather for insoles « Fauve ».

This product is still the main item for Raynaud Jeune, who is nevertheless launching a new and innovative collection of leathers  for the garment industry,  the shoe trade or the leathergood market,  still keeping its image of eco-responsible tanner, with great concern about environment.

A wide range of products

Now this traditional way of tanning is getting back in fashion and is leading Raynaud Jeune to new horizons.

In permanently renewed premises of 4000 SQM  and a workforce of 38 skilled persons, Raynaud Jeune is today one of the most important lambskin tannery in the field of vegetable tanned leather for insoles  and lining.

About the future

In a long-term vision, Raynaud Jeune now keeps on undertaking an important and ambitious program of investment in production, as well as in the field of environment.

Raynaud Jeune believes that there is a future for the tanning industry in Europe for those who will respect the right procedures.

In october 2019 Raynaud Jeune joins LEATHER NATURALLY to support and promote natural and sustainable Leather.

The best is yet to come  !

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