A real focus on environment and sustainability

A responsible production

What should we do with these millions of hides and skins coming from farm animals raised for human consumption of milk or meat ?

The tanners play an essential role, in recycling and enhancing a sub product, that would otherwise have to be dumped or destroyed.

Furthermore, from this product, we achieve a finished article that is today very much in fashion and demand, and in that sense, Raynaud Jeune  plays an important role in Environment preservation and sustainability.

Environment : a permanent thinking

Located in  a beautiful natural surrounding, and along the River, Raynaud Jeune is  focusing on protecting this delicate environment.

Therefore, all  measures  are undertaken to preserve this nature.

– The brand new second biological water treatment plant ,  implemented in 2013, allows Raynaud Jeune to send back its process waters in the local river with a discharge far beyond its legal requirements. Depollution rates up to 97 or 98% in all main criteria, such as COD  or BOD are daily registered.

-Free of heavy metals, 95 % of the wastes produced by the tannery are recycled and valorized in fertilizers, compost or recycled leather.

– All the products and chemicals used, comply with all current regulations such as Reach, ZDHC/MRSL or the european biocides regulation.

– The company has initiated an important program so as to achieve some of the toughest certifications, such as LWG or Ökotex.

A total control of our ecological footprint

– All the electricity consumption is compensated with the introduction on the network of the same amount of green electricity coming from hydraulic sources.

Some photovoltaic projects are currently being studied for a proper consumption.

– The fuel used for heating water or drying the skins is no longer of fossil origin. It has been replaced by a bio-fuel, which also contributes to valorize some sub products, and reduces our ecological foot print.

Water consumption is closeely looked at, and reductions of use is day and day achieved.

Natural products

Thanks to this policy, Raynaud Jeune is strengthening its position in this endeavour towards a sustainable development, and is also satisfying its customers demand as well as the final market pressure for always cleaner and more responsible natural products.


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