Since the beginning committed to vegetable tanning….


Thanks to a very old traditional tanning method with vegetable extracts ( quebracho, mimosa, chestnut…)Raynaud Jeune offers a wide range of products that will beautifully age naturally throughout the years.

Your products will then be nicer and nicer everyday, enhancing this natural and lively character of the skin

Vegetable tanning, free of chrome, heavy metals, formaldehydes or pentachlorophénol ( PCP) and any other harmful chemical, will grant your product a hypo-allergenic status, and is absolutely, with no risk, either  for those who produce it, or for the final consumer, even when in direct contact with the skin,  just like for insoles for instance.

Combining old vegetal tanning recipies with modern techniques and new and innovative products allows us to achieve products with amazing softness, and an unlimited variety of colours, touches and aspects

In their natural glazed version, vegetable tanned skins  will provide a very fine grain, as well as an outsanding transparancy, and  deepness.

Raw materials, ( lambskins, issued from animals raised for the milk or meat consumption) are rigorously tested and all comply with a strict product specification.

Since the origin, all harmful products, such as pesticides, biocides… are closely looked at, as much as possible reduced, and controlled. They all comply with relevant european regulations.

Furthermore, what should we do with all these skins issued from the milk or meat  industry if tanners were not playing an essential role in the chain ?

Tanners tranform a sub-product that should otherwise be destroyed to a finished  and noble product, appreciated by an always growing population.

In that since, Raynaud Jeune, as well as all any other tanner plays an active role in circular economy, and sustainability and is  today with no doubt one of the major actor in the field of vegetable tanned lamb skins.

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